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Emile Bitar was not only passionate about the humanitarian and scientific aspects of the medical profession, he was also fascinated by its history. He presided the Lebanese Society for the History of Medicine and was an active member of the International Society for the History of Medicine.
This page will include several of Emile Bitar's articles on the subject (first Lebanese doctors in History, Medical Schools in past centuries, Medical practices in ancient Lebanon...), as well as relevant articles by Emile Bitar's friends and colleagues.

Dr Emile Bitar addressing the General Assembly of the Lebanese Red Cross

Some articles about the History of Medicine in Lebanon:
(The articles below are currently available exclusively in their original French Versions)
The History of Medicine in Lebanon from 1842 to 1866 by Dr Farid Sami Haddad
The History of Medicine in Lebanon from 1866 to 1914, by Dr Robert M. Khoury
The History of Medicine in Lebanon from 1914 to 1948, by Dr Emile Bitar
Medicine in the Syrian Province of the Roman Empire by Dr Farid Sami Haddad and Dr Emile Bitar
Working papers and conclusions of the International Conventions on the History of Medicine
The Development of Lebanese Rhumatology by Dr Emile Bitar
More to come