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The Emile Bitar Foundation was formed in April 1988 by a group of fourty two friends of Emile Bitar, either his colleagues at the Hotel Dieu de France and the French Faculty of Medicine, or those who shared his political struggle for a free, independent, modern Lebanon.
The Foundation's co-presidents are Phares Zoghbi and Gedeon Mohasseb.
Phares Zoghbi is a prominent lawyer and writer. He is the author of "Liban, Le salut par la culture" and "A livres ouverts". He has long been the legal advisor of newspapers An Nahar and L'Orient Le Jour and of the Casino du Liban.  
Gedeon Mohasseb is a brainsurgeon and a professor of neurology.
The Foundation's Secretary General is Karim Emile Bitar.
The Foundation's Treasurer is Dr Issam Assi.
In addition to the above mentioned persons, the Bureau of the Foundation includes professor Fouad N. Boustany, former president of the Medical Order, professor Edgar Gedeon, former minister Dr Assaad Rizk, Culture Ministry advisor Afifa Dirani Arsanios, and Attorney Boutros Arsanios.    
The Emile Bitar Foundation's objective is to perpetuate his memory, disseminate his thougths, and pursue by various means (conferences, publications, awards...) the fight for a decent health care system and the struggle for democracy in Lebanon.
The Emile Bitar Foundation can be reached at

Dr Gedeon Mohasseb, President of the Emile Bitar Foundation